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It's Complicated

Over the past few years, I have been on a journey.
It was marked by an experience in Nairobi, Kenya - where I fist saw the faces of those I now know are my sisters and brothers - in the midst of rubbish and dirty streets of the Mathare Valley.
Since then, I was a part of leadership of the CBU campus chapter of International Justice Mission, and LEARNED a lot about the issues tied up with poverty in developing nations. One summer, I volunteered with the Orange County Human Trafficking task Force, where I met some incredible people that taught me a lot, simply by the way they live.
I've learned a lot about a little, and a little about a lot.

Human Trafficking
Illegal Land Seizure
Oppression of Women

One thing that I've learned is that... it's complicated. I just read an article by Nicholas Kristof on the lack of access to birth control (specifically in the Congo - but really all over the impoverished world.)

Interesting to think how many things could be different if there was more access to birth control. It does seem that addressing the lack of contraceptives can be part of the curbing of pregnancies and related illnesses (including illnesses and death related to abortions and other things such as fistulas...). But I am also reminded that at the heart of the issues is ... selfishness.

How are we to get anywhere without dealing with the issues of the heart?



I have started a few blogs to post, and have quit halfway through. There is too much I have learned in these past few months to summarize in a blog post. Moreover, my few faithful readers are probably people who have walked with me through at least part if not all of the past few months.

So, here I am.

Back in Blog-action.

I may be moving soon, I'll keep you posted on my new virtual home.

For today, my thoughts are all over the place. Today's post is mainly to break the silence since my post responding to Glen Beck.

A little over a week ago I graduated from college, and already have opportunities that I will share soon.
One of the greatest things about college that any who has attended can attest to, is the ways that it shapes identity.
In the process of learning about the way people communicate (an accomplishment signified by a very expensive piece of paper), I have learned a lot about myself.... moreover, who I am in Christ.

Here is one thing that perhaps others can identify with

1. I thrive on conversations. I can accomplish a few big tasks during the day, but if I don't have a quality conversation with someone, I feel restless and without purpose as I finish the day.

As far as intercultural communication goes, that means I am more RELATIONALLY-oriented vs. CONTENT-oriented.
Yes, I do love relationships... but don't we all?